I look at all these posts on social media of people sharing their cooking exploits. Men can’t seem to gush enough over their wives’ culinary magic; women are finally being narcissistic about their cooking experiments. It’s nice most times and cringing sometimes; especially the half eaten food pics (why would anyone want to see scraped food from someone’s plate!). The point being, it makes me wonder if I will ever be able to post a recipe. For one, I will be fumbling to write measurements. I follow the mum style of “a few spoons of this” and “a small pinch of that”. The only time I follow recipes to the T is when baking.

Today, however, being the first of the month, I feel compelled to try this. I am always enthusiastic on the first of every month to be more disciplined about certain things – for instance, a health regimen. However, not only have I not managed to keep one, I have dragged dear husband down with me from being Mr.flaunt-those-washboard-abs to Mr.I-have-a-beer-belly-and-a-curry-paunch.

So now, we are making this serious attempt at being healthy. I thought of starting today with a smoothie, inspired by my friend Beata, who starts her day with smoothies, and my mom, who has been chasing me to get my backside off the couch and workout.


I had a bowl of raspberries at home and thought of checking the Internet for smoothie recipes. I got some bizarre options with cacao (whatever that is; I only know cocoa!) and chia seeds. So instead of searching the Internet for ideas, I turned to my refrigerator for inspiration. The resulting experiment was good enough to share the recipe on my blog. So here it is!

Raspberry Zing (that’s what I have christened it)

Serving: 1 glass

Fresh Raspberries – a fistful

Cucumber – 1 inch

Ginger – 1/2 inch

Lemon/Lime – a quarter

Water – a splash (enough to help blend)

Honey – a hint (optional – if the raspberries are sour)

Toss the raspberries and cucumber into a blender. Smash the ginger and add this into the blender as well. Now squeeze in the lime. Blitz these together along with a little water. Pour in a glass and add some honey (optional). Breakfast-to-go is ready!

I was really apprehensive about this and had my eyes shut on the first sip…but I actually liked it! It has a feel good, refreshing factor. However, It’s not like a chocolate cake that I can guarantee everyone will like. But the key to enjoying it is serving it in a tall, slender glass and thinking of it as a cocktail 😉

Raspberry Zing