Some of us like to live with lots of clutter. By some of us I mean only and only myself. I have a thousand different things, which I will probably never use, stashed in drawers and often discovered creative storage techniques for things I simply must accumulate.

This love for clutter had to eventually spew on to my virtual space. My Facebook “Saved” section is loaded with a library of links – best natural juices for weight loss, easy hairstyle that takes less than 2 minutes (no it does not!), 100 nail art styles (as if I am ever going to try them), etc. In this never ending pile of information overload are also coveted recipe videos that I keep wanting to try but never get down to them. No difference in real world and virtual world. My cookbooks are accumulating dust in the bookshelf and the saved recipes are cluttering my virtual space.

So I finally browsed the saved library and found an interesting recipe for Chicken Lo Mein. I love egg noodles and make them quite often. As a matter of fact I have at least 2 packs of egg noodles in the house at any given time. So I whipped up some Chicken Lo Mein for dinner the other night and it turned out quite well. Similar to one of my favorite combos at Wok to Walk (they are my late-night fix after clubbing in Soho).

I did make some changes in the recipe though. Instead of chicken stock, I used starch water from draining the egg noodles. I also replaced the snap peas and carrots with red pepper and bean sprouts. And I used a little more soy sauce than mentioned in the recipe. Ta Daaah! Yummy street-side mein on your plate.

p.s.: “Bachna Ae Haseeno, Lo Mein Aa Gaya” (translates to: “Watch out pretty ladies, I am here”) is a popular Bollywood song. I had to use the Lo Mein reference even if many people who read this don’t understand Hindi. Else that joke, which in my head is hilarrrrrious, would suffocate in my brain.